What is An SR22 – Auto Insurance For Who?

What is an SR22Does an SR22 cover the owner of the car in terms of liability insurance? What is an SR22 anyway?


Thank you for asking Jim.

An SR22 form which must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles by the insurance provider showing that car liability insurance is active for a certain individual. SR22 guidelines varies from different state and the requirements in one state may be different or will not be applicable in another state. An SR22 is not intended to be used by a vehicle owner to get liability coverage, other than that which is required on the car.

So what is SR22 Insurance?

The SR22 is not a type of insurance (although many people call it SR22 insurance), rather it is proof that you or someone has certain types of insurance that is based upon the financial responsibility laws of your state.

SR22 car insurance itself is not necessarily anything special in the way that the insurance policy covers the car. The filing of the form for this insurance policy however is required or mandated to by the court or DMV, and what sets it apart from regular insurance policies.

It depends upon your state’s SR22 requirements on what insurance will be mandated this way.It will be normally at least the state required liability coverages. If this is the case then the vehicle owner will be covered in the same way which regular liability coverages cover them.



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Why have SR22 insurance?

Good question. If you have been convicted of a DUI or DWI or some other major felony you will need to prove to your state, the court and local DMV that you are not a financial risk to other drivers. This SR22 certificate will be filed with the local DMV and law enforcement to show you are fully covered with insurance.

What does SR22 Insurance Cover?

Well, basically its not “insurance” as much as it is a bond or certificate showing you DO have auto insurance coverage in place and the local law enforcement and DMV are aware of this coverage. It’s not cheap. SR22 insurance is expensive to have, but if you want your drivers license back or to be able to drive legally again you will need to have it…in most states anyway.

SR26 and FR44 insurance

If an SR22 certificate should expire or to be canceled, the auto insurance company is required by law to issue an SR26 form to the driver, which certifies the cancellation of the SR22 insurance policy to the state and local DMV.

In states like Virginia and Florida,  FR-44 insurance is when you have a DUI / DWI / OVWI or other alcohol related felony. Filing an FR44  is similar to an SR 22, except that it may indicate that you maintain more than just the minimum amount of coverage required by the state requesting it.