Difference Between SR22 and Standard Auto Insurance

| January 10, 2011

What is SR22 and what is the difference between SR22 and a regular car insurance policy?


What is an SR22?

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SR22 auto insurance itself is not necessarily anything special in the way that the insurance policy covers the car. The difference of the filing of the certificate for this insurance policy from an average auto owner buys is that of it being required or mandated to by the court or DMV insurance.

Some states consider the SR22 auto insurance as more than just a normal insurance. For example in Florida the SR22 auto insurance may include the bodily injury liability insurance in addition to the PIP and PD coverages which are the state minimum required insurance types. .

Who needs an SR22?

The SR22 form must be filed by an insurance provider to the state stating that the required car insurance is in effect and active on file. Typically, this specific car insurance is mandated for a certain period of time and if the individual cancels or terminates the insurance policy the state is notified and penalties are placed on the individual, likely a license revocation or suspension.

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